The "Solo" Strategy

A Home Study Course In Basic Guitar Improvisation

Having a well-planned and efficient practice routine can make all the difference in the world when first learning to improvise.

Learn To Lead.... The "Solo" Strategy does just that! This step-by-step course eliminates the guesswork and focuses on the basic essentials using an easy to understand format. And although the old saying "Practice Makes Perfect" is absolutely true. I believe the material that you learn and how it is practiced are just as important. Simply put, a well thought out lesson plan will produce better results in a shorter amount of time...Period!

It is my contention that the sooner the student is actually improvising on their guitar the more fun they'll have playing. This is the reason one chooses to play in the first place, and the goal of this course!

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DVD and CD Included!

  • Simple Step-By_Step Format
  • 38 DVD Demonstrations
  • Warm-Up and Proactive Routines for Every Lesson
  • 16 CD Tracks with Over 1 Hour of Music to Practice Improvising
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